Our specialist Fraud handlers are trained to exceptionally high standards and have experience from Police, Insurers, claimant and defendant solicitors as well as from credit hire organisations.

Because of this we have a vital insight that allows us to always be one step ahead of the fraudsters.

Our handlers are qualified and experienced in managing any type of fraud investigation, from a straight forward first party fraud to a complex “Crash for Cash” Fraud ring. We work closely with our own Field Investigation Team; our specialist field team have collectively over 100 years of experience in investigating fraud and criminal activity. They are proficient in carrying out face to face interviews, locus enquiries as well as more complex covert surveillance.
We have achieved many successes in running cases to trial, Police prosecutions, as well as pursuing recovery and enforcement measures against fraudsters.We are confident that if Fraud is being committed we will identify it, investigate and take all steps within our power to protect innocent victims of Insurance Fraud.