Claims Handling

Our 200 plus strong team based in heart of Newcastle upon Tyne provide a first class service to manage all types of Motor Claims.


We manage these claims utilising dedicated teams to ensure competent and compliant claims management in line with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) requirements and ensure customers have access to their assigned claims handlers for a professional and personal service.


We believe in handling claims fairly as well as challenging bogus personal injury claims and inflated credit hire and repair bills that drive up the costs for everyone.


Our highly skilled teams are proficient in the following claim competencies:

Accidental Damage management (Repairs and Total Losses)

Our customer centric team focus on ensuring the Policyholders repairs or total loss are dealt with swiftly and fairly settling 80% of their claims within 60 days. We can manage your Policyholder repairs via your own dedicated network or provide our own network for your use.

Motor Engineering

Qualified to Industry standards our motor engineering team provide support to all of the claims teams from authorising repairs, agreeing total loss settlements with customers to training and external audit of our Insurer partners.

Recovery of Outlay

Assertive, tenacious and target driven, our team bill the at fault insurer within 24 hours of an AD claim being paid, securing reimbursement of non litigated files within 30 days.

Fault Intervention

Our specialist intervention team are fast, efficient and energetic generating market leading intervention performance. They offer a wide range of services to innocent Third Parties including hire, repair, swift cash settlements and rehabilitation options. All ensuring claims costs are driven down.

Disputed Liability Resolution

Proactive and proficient our Liability team swiftly agree proportion of blame for accidents with Third Party Insurers and Claimant Solicitors whilst protecting the interests of our clients. They work in partnership with a panel of Lawyers to ensure cases that require litigation are pursued.

Credit Hire Management

Working with the Insurer Partner, Eldon provide a detailed strategy to combat the ever increasing costs of Credit Hire to the Insurance industry. Whether the Insurer is GTA or Non GTA our teams adapt their working practices to ensure every Invoice and Repair is scrutinised with average paid amounts significantly below the market average.

Personal Injury Claims

Working in synergy with our wider claims teams, our personal injury teams deal with a mixed jurisdictional caseload ensuring all post is dealt with within 3 days delivering an efficient claims handling solution and controlling costs across our indemnity expenditure. Our robust claims handling performance is complimented by our market leading 2% claims leakage rate across our claims portfolio delivered through identification of route cause analysis and training delivery to our teams.

High Value & Catastrophic Claims

Our Technical claims teams have extensive catastrophic personal injury experience, dealing with cases involving head/brain, spinal injuries, amputations, multiple serious trauma, handling multimillion pounds claims on a daily basis for our Insurer Partners. Our team of specialists are able to multi task, dealing with a complex caseload and the ability to manage projects and delivery of training workshops for our wider claims teams. Regular Co / Reinsurers audits, led by our Insurance partners, demonstrates the effectiveness of our specialist team and their ability to deliver exceptional settlements. Furthermore, delivering robust controls ensures our reserving strategy remains in line with our Insurer partners requirements.


Our specialised Fraud department is structured to include Indemnity validation, Claim referrals and dedicated Fraud case handlers. They work in unison with each other and are supported by our own in-house Intelligence Analysts. Collectively they combat Fraud for our Insurance Partners. They are trained to an exceptionally high standard to deliver market leading results, managing any type of Fraud investigation; from straight forward first party fraud to complex ‘crash for cash’ and syndicates. Working in conjunction with our Insurance Partner we utilise an automated rules based detection system to identify potentially fraudulent claims, this works in tandem with our Claims Management System so the handling efficiency is not affected.