Julie Appleby – Claims Technical Team

“I have worked at Eldon for 2 years as a member of the Personal Injury Fast Track Team. In that time there have been many changes and there is never a dull moment at Eldon. The training offered and the development opportunities for team members is second to none and there is always someone on hand who is able to offer helpful advice and assistance if needed. Although a busy and fast paced working environment wherein the working day often seems to end just after it has begun, there has still been time to make friends with colleagues and socialize at the many social and charity events that are organised by the social committee.”

David Morris – Group Trainer

"As Group Trainer I get to meet a lot of staff within the organisation, and I have to say that it is the people that make this business. This makes my job easier, as developing our people then becomes fun, and having fun whilst learning is what it’s all about."

Holly Gardner – Head of Marketing and Business Development

“I have worked for Eldon for nearly 5 years, working across different arms of the business and in different roles. I have always received fantastic on the job training which has aided my personal development. They care about their employees and are committed in helping us grow.”

Emily Mitchell – Marketing Video Editor

"I have worked for Eldon for the last two years and enjoy working with Dr Sally Norton on the Vavista brand  and with the rest of the team creating materials and information to help normal hardworking people learn more about their health and wellbeing. I have gained extensive marketing and content creation experience in my time here and the business is focussed on developing individual and team skills so we can deliver consistent quality work."

Jack Smith – Creative Manager

"Eldon Insurance Group has provided me with a wealth of opportunities, both in professional development and through increased responsibility. Unlike other businesses in the sector, the fast-paced environment ensures results and objectives are met. Eldon’s expansive range of businesses and services ensures no two days are the same. So, this is a great business to work in if you love a challenging, yet rewarding environment."

Pam Palmer – Operations Manager

"I have been part of the Eldon team for a number of years and it is one of the best companies that I have worked for. Eldon has a fantastic friendly atmosphere, where staff are encouraged to put forward their ideas and suggestions in order to help grow the company and improve practices and procedures. Every day is different working for Eldon which makes it such an exciting company to be part of."

Lorraine McIntyre – Head of Finance

"I love working for Eldon, it is never a dull moment and change is a constant. The people are very easy to work with, approachable, with a ‘no blame’ culture which is non-existent in many companies. The opportunity for personal growth is available in abundance."

Julie Bush – Procurement Administrator

"I work in the IT service department for the Eldon Bristol office. A very male orientated work environment, but it’s a great team and they all work very hard with lots of challenges, some more unexpected than others, never a dull moment, I love it."